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We are here to understand, interpret, invent, and inform.

No matter what challenge you’re facing, you want the best solution. While some will prescribe to one solution, we prefer to understand your unique situation, challenges, and goals. We are then able to deliver attainable and honest solutions that incorporate your feedback and ideas, and allow you to make an informed decision. When you’re informed and engaged in the process, confidence, buy-in, teamwork, and efficiency are all organic outcomes that lead to project success and achieved goals–which is the ultimate reward.


Tell the truth–plain and simple! Honesty is at the heart of all our relationships.


We take pride in delivering high quality products and providing services that we stand behind.


We conduct business in accordance with our beliefs; we do what is right, what is fair, and what is ethical.

Meet The Team

With over 100 years combined experience in the Oil & Gas and Electric industries, our team is best suited to manage your infrastructure projects.

Waylan Johnson


[email protected]
m: 512-431-6050
o: 512-201-1050

Chris Miller

Executive VP

[email protected]
m: 512-587-1055
o: 512-201-1071

Petra Reyes

Emerging Markets Manager

[email protected]
m: 432-631-4182

Adrienne Rogers

Office Manager/Executive Assistant

[email protected]
m: 575-640-6447
o: 512-201-1099

Todd Armstrong

VP of Field Operations

[email protected]
m: 713-725-7495
o: 512-201-1061

Aaron Pyle

VP of Finance

[email protected]
o: 512-201-1070

Christie Lenamon


[email protected]
o: 512-201-1055

Michael Byrd

VP of Projects

[email protected]
m: 210-420-4888

Johanna Kimball


[email protected]
m: 512-633-7322

Amy Bremner

Project Manager

[email protected]
m: 843-437-4407

Nolan Schattel

Master Electrician

[email protected]
m: 432-894-9995